Training & Planning

Fittness program

I started training for Mt Elbrus on the 1st march by running 10 kilometres a day, going to the gym after work and also entered the Hastings half marathon 23/3/14, Croydon half marathon 30/3/14 and Brighton marathon 6/4/14 all within 3 weeks. Then decided to do Three forts challenge as well on 4/5/14 which is a 27.2 miles race over the south downs.

Hastings Half marathon 1.31.52

Croydon half marathon 1.31.32


Brighton marathon 3.10.32

Three forts challenge 4.15.13

As you can imagine this was probably a little over kill but it did keep me occupied after break up and away from the clubs and bars of Brighton. So after the three forts challenge, I calmed it down a littleand this was my excise plan after that.
Monday – 4 mile bike ride to work and back. Rest day
Tuesday – 4 mile bike ride, 10km run and 45mins in gym, abs and back.
Wednesday – 4 mile bike ride, 10km run and 45mins gym shoulders and arms.
Thursday – 4 miles bike ride, 10km run.
Friday – 4 miles bike ride, 20mins treadmill, 45mins gym abs, arms, legs, shoulders and back.
Saturday – 13.1 mile run.
Sunday – Rest day and Party day.
I stuck to this as best I could but towards summer I did get a little distracted by a couple of Pride events and skipped a few days here n there hehe 😛

In gym, no pain no gain